Details of the Marathon

  1.  The National Day of Prayer & Fasting will be held on Saturday 10th February 2018 all over Australia. Others places will also be encouraged to do Bible Reading Marathons.
  2. The NDOPF – Brisbane Event will be held at Somerville House Auditorium on Saturday 10th February from 10 am-4 pm. This is an excellent venue. From the veranda you can overlook the whole city. It is well set up with all the equipment we will need. The Bible will be read during that time.
    Register for the event now at
    Tickets are $10 to help pay for the deposit of the venue. A donation towards other costs will be taken on the day.
  3. On Friday 9th February at 6 pm sharp the Bible Reading Marathon will begin. It will be held at Speakers’ Corner outside QLD Parliament House which is at the end of George St.
  4. This will continue for about 72 hours, day and night, finishing around 6 pm on Monday 12th February.
  5. We have contacted the City Council and police and have permission for this so there shouldn’t be any problems. We will have a gazebo, with a table, a few chairs and refreshments available.
  6. We will need 24 reliable Site Captains.  These individuals are each responsible for one 3-hour shift during the 72 hours.
  7. Captains are required to be at the location 15 minutes prior to their shift. They will be on duty to check in readers, direct them to snacks and restroom facilities, and generally supervise the reading of the Word for those 3 hours. (After dark there will always be a male Captain on duty for safety).
  8. Each Captain will have a team of 6-12 people (max 12, min 4, ideal 6-8). Each team member will read for 15 minutes at a time or multiple 15 minute slots. We will not have any PA system, but will be simply reading the Bible out loud so no-one needs to feel awkward about reading. It is an opportunity for all ages as long as they can read at a decent level. We will read from one Bible in a version that is listener friendly.
  9. It is best if the whole team come for the 3 hours to support each other and be available to pray at a distance or engage with people when they are not reading. But if some readers cannot come for the whole time, then each reader is required to arrive 15 minutes before the time appointed to them by their Site Captain (ideal for people to do in a break from the office).
  10. Feel free if you would like to bring a guitar and have some soft worship playing in the background, adding worship to the reading of the Word could be a powerful combination.