2017 Bible Reading Marathon

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Dates: Friday 24th 6pm – Monday Feb 27th approx 9pm – that is 75 hours.

Location: Speakers’ Corner, outside QLD Parliament House, at the end of George St.

Event: Reading the Bible from cover to cover non-stop over our city out loud.

Our desire is for an army of believers from across the churches of Brisbane to read the Word of God over our city.  WE NEED YOU!!!  We want to invite you to join us in this event.

We invite individuals or churches to register as Team Captains. Each Team Captain will find their own team consisting 0f 4-8 (max 12) members who read from the Bible in 15- min blocks for a 3-hour shift. This is ideal for members of a church or prayer group to do together.

young man reading small bible

The team can be anywhere between 4 and 12 people  i.e.

  • 4 people reading 3 times each,
  • 6 people reading 2 times,
  • 8 people with 4 reading once and 4 twice, or
  • 12 people reading once each.

Experience has shown that people like to read more than once so 6-8 is a good number to aim for.

Members of your team when not reading can be ready to engage quietly with people, answer questions, ask people if they need prayer etc.

Please register your interest below in being a Site Captain TODAY.  Then build a team from your church or by inviting your friends or your family to join your team.

You don’t need to fill in the available days if you are not sure  – just put N/A. We can arrange that later. But if you do know what time you would like to read please write that down.  Thank You.

Please share this information with as many pastors or church leaders or para-church leaders as you know who might be interested in their church or group participating.

Yours for Our City,

Wes Leake, Marilyn Rowsome and Anne Homer

Brisbane Prays Team


2 Responses to 2017 Bible Reading Marathon

  1. Siteri Josephine Tuilovoni says:

    I will check with my church to confirm my details..


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