Our Vision

What is our vision as we coordinate this project?

  • This is an opportunity to see the power of the spoken Word. It has been done in different locations around the world and each time people have witnessed an incredible peace fall on the city during the reading of the Word.
  • The Word of God is spirit and life and as we read the Word it will go forth and will not come back without accomplishing what it has been sent to do.
  • As we read we will be releasing the manifest presence of God over our city and in His Presence is fullness of joy, peace and love.
  • People walking by may not understand with their fleshly ears, however, their spirits will be receiving life.
  • When Nehemiah was rebuilding the temple, he found the Book of the Law and realized Israel was not living up to God’s Word. He had Ezra read the Word out loud from morning to night to all the people. As he read the Word, they fell on the ground weeping in repentance. Nehemiah then told them, “Do not weep or mourn for the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah Chapter 8:1-10).

We cannot predict what will happen as the Word of God is read in a public place aloud. Our task is to do it and allow God to do things over and above what we can even dream of! Of course, we will be asking God to send His Word forth in its power to bring about repentance, a change in people’s thinking and a conviction of their need for a Saviour.

How we long for fresh wind and fresh fire from God in our city!